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 THE WIND DOESN'T BLOW HERE  is an experimental indie folk myth that explores evil, anger, and motherhood through the eyes of

a human, the Finnish goddess of death,

and a bunch of demon children.


After Aisha’s son is burned at the stake, she must forge a path forward. She meets Loviatar, her own patron goddess, who pushes Aisha to embrace her rage. The two clash over ideologies of forgiveness and scorched earth, while the fate of all the demon children hang in the balance.

Script and Demos available upon request.

 CAST SIZE:  7-12 treble voices

 LENGTH:  ~ 90 minutes


music by  LYDIA BRECKON 

Something Askew
Ash & Orange
We're Not Evil
A Moment

Aisha: Belén Moyano

Loviatar: Beth Clarence

Sickness: Alex Loucks

Hunger: Sara Rhuda

Panic: Jennifer Daly

Deception/Butcher: Erika Ji

Fear: Erin Hoerchler

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